Environmental technology, industrial safety

Tomic TEC offers the following services for protecting the environment and meeting worker protection, fire and accident-prevention regulations.

Industrial extraction systems

To ensure adherence to occupational exposure limits, it is important that atomised, gaseous and droplet-form contaminants be removed from the air at the workplace. The profound know-how of our engineers means we can design and realise customised air-extraction systems that ensure the maximum capture of air-bound pollutants. Large-surface extraction over robot systems and localised extraction units, rigid or movable, prevent the spread of pollutants in buildings.

We use dry filters and wet separators to meet the statutory requirements for conducting exhaust gases into open air. Dealing with pollutants also necessitates expertise regarding their flammability and explosiveness. Tomic TEC offers complete solutions with integrated fire-extinguishing systems and preventative and structural explosion protection. When planning and realising these solutions, we place great value on designing the workplace and ergonomics of the extraction system to ensure the greatest possible production efficiency.


Our systems cover:

  • Welding fumes
  • Metal grindings
  • Emulsion mists
  • Oil mist

Special field of expertise: grinding cabins

One of Tomic TEC's special fields of expertise is the design and installation of grinding cabins for the automotive industry and sheet metal forming industries. We build grinding cabins that are ideally adapted to the workplace: whether grinding small parts or entire body shells. Here too, we place great importance on the design and layout of the workplace.

When working with explosive dusts such as aluminium and magnesium, employees are protected by structural safeguards in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Our grinding cabins are equipped with:

  • Ventilation with conditioned air supply
  • Waste-air extraction with removal of fine dust
  • High-vacuum equipment for dust extraction directly at the sanding device, with integrated dry filter
  • Media supply with compressed air, heating, cooling
  • Interior lighting
  • Fire and explosion protection
  • Control cabinet with manufacturer-independent automation


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