Supply technology

Providing residential and commercial buildings with heating and cooling is exactly what we do. In addition to energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, our engineers also pay close attention to ensuring perfect workmanship.

Heating and cooling engineering

Our range of services includes providing commercial buildings and production facilities with heating and cooling. In addition to ensuring energy efficiency and operational reliability, our engineers also pay close attention to ensuring perfect workmanship. Our special strength is that we design and realise superior solutions by considering the energy distribution holistically.

We offer the following services:

  • Hot-water heating
  • Hot-water systems
  • Central heating with heat generators and long-distance heating stations
  • Energy routes
  • Cold-water systems with cooling machines
  • Cold-water systems with free cooling
  • Chilled ceiling systems
  • Heating and cooling technology

Ventilation and air-conditioning

We optimise internal climates and the hygiene of the air in buildings for people, machines and production processes by ensuring adequate air conditioning and filtering.

From the very first consulting meeting, the wellbeing of the people, the best possible climatic conditions for machines and production processes, and cost efficiency are the focuses for Tomic TEC. A basic function of our plants is the recovery of heat, cold or moisture from the waste air, to achieve maximum cost effectiveness.

Attractive design is also important when planning the instalment of visible systems in open architectural structures or plant rooms.

Our ventilation and air-conditioning technology encompasses:

  • Exhaust air and cooling
  • Ventilation and aeration
  • Partial air-conditioning
  • Full air-conditioning

Process-specific utilities

We supply all process-specific utilities for the operation of production plants such as robots and assembly lines. Tomic TEC installs supply systems for the following media:

  • Compressed air in every pressure stage
  • Technical gases such as argon, corgon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.
  • Natural gas

Drinking-water supply

We offer the entire range of sanitary engineering for toilet groups, shower blocks, washbasin rows, tea kitchens, etc. both in production and commercial premises.

Our services are:

  • Processing of drinking water
  • Distribution systems for drinking water
  • Pressure boosters
  • Hot water preparation


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